Hey !

Welcome to 80/20 Plants! I’m your guide, Julia, an Olympian & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, but we’ll get to more about me later… This is all about you!

Whether you are here because you want to lose weight, feel vibrant energy, or to kick start a healthier lifestyle, this journey will change your life!

The method is simple – eat more whole plants.

No restrictive rules, no complicated point systems or counting calories.

By following 80/20 Plants, you’ll improve your diet gradually, and adopt each step in a way that creates real results, no matter your goal.

80/20 Plants was created by a team of people who have seen real results themselves from eating a mostly whole-food, plant-based diet. But our diets aren’t perfect, and we don’t expect yours to be either. That’s the beauty of this philosophy. 

There’s room to indulge from time to time and keep your favorite recipes, all while shaping the program to fit your weight-loss, athletic, or health goals.

Ready to get started?

Write your ‘Why’. That is, why are you doing this? Your ‘Why’ might be deep or superficial —  more energy to chase your kids, or fitting into that dress, or reducing your environmental impact. Whatever it is, it’s yours and totally confidential. It’s just there as a reminder that you’re eating 80/20 Plants for a good reason.

Remember, this is about YOU! Let us know what we can do to make it great. 

Remember, you can always reach out to your coach to let us know how we can help.

Happy eating!