Love for 80/20 Plants

Thanks so much for getting me on track and providing some awesome info over the entire month!

I have a lot more knowledge now about the benefits of eating more plants and am happy to have gotten myself committed to it! I thought I was going to be more hungry but I’m actually not, and am not having any cravings either

I feel really good and although I have a new injury to my right knee my other ‘bad’ knee has never felt better and the only things I’ve changed is no meat! I haven’t sat on my heels in over 15 years.  Not sure if it’s plants but it could be!

Thanks again!

Samantha L.

Thanks! I thought the program was great and I felt really supported. I will continue eating this way as I’ve been searching for a long term way of eating and this seems to really be working for me! 

Jen C.

This program was exactly what I needed! Short and sweet information that I could actually follow along! I’m already seeing a change in my body and definitely in my energy! And I’m excited to continue eating a mostly plant diet!

Ashley T.


I am just loving all the new healthy dishes I’ve been making thanks to you guys. I have IBS and my stomach has not felt this good in a long time. pastedGraphic.png Thank you very much 

This cashew dill dip and cauliflower wings were amazing mmmmm pastedGraphic_1.png


I’m on day 16, and loving the program. I have been vegan for 3 years, and I wish I had this when I was transitioning. I have actually shared this with my friend who is have a hard time, but is now finding it easier to eat plant based meals. I love the videos and the tips that are provided. I learn something new everyday with the videos and informative provided. The recipes are great. Thank you!

Rachel R.

The increase in the level of energy and focus I have reminds me of my professional basketball career. I wake up ready to dunk a basketball and feel tremendously positive. 0 heartburn, super responsive. I have my vegan book ready to cook on the weekend. I am grateful for everything.

Ego A.

This is an excellent series… You’ve created a program that delivers basic as well as in-depth content in a very “digestible” format. 

Juliet H.

I loved your program to get be back on being more Whole Foods …

Thank you for all the inspiration this past month!

Dan C.

I feel like my skin is clearer and I’m able to eat more if I want it with out the guilt… some meals looking boring now if they don’t have a rainbow of colour and taste in all the many forms the variety of plant based foods can offer. I’m adding fruit to salads now also, which might sound strange, but a salsa-style finely chopped salad with fresh peaches or mango, with a little warm zing of chilli, goes great over the quinoa bowls or as a side dish or even a small bowl with some tortilla chips. It’s great to have to pick at in the fridge when you want a snack. I’m starting to think of food as a treat not a chore again, and hearing “have you lost weight” doesn’t hurt either ha! 

Allie W.

I have been loving their easy-to-follow food guides and helpful tutorials. Truthfully, good recipes can be found anywhere on the internet, especially vegan ones (since there’s such a push to find really good vegan food!) The factor that makes 80/20 Plants stand out is the community and food forums – a quick memo asking for someone’s favourite non-vegan recipe to showcase alternatives can turn into a thread that will easily give you your new top 5 favourite recipes.

As a Canadian, I had some hiccups with the conversion of the monthly membership fee. The team at 80/20 Plants were quick to respond to my questions/concerns and very eager to find the most effective solution. For a new company, it’s nice to know that the team is there not only for your easy and fun transition into the world of all things plants, but also super committed to the background stuff too.


I joined 80/20 Plants as a tool to be accountable for what I am putting in my body and will say the 28 day program was amazing!  I loved the daily videos talking about basic kitchen essentials to every day prep, what nutrients and proteins you are getting from certain foods and how to dine out with friends while eating mostly plants. 

What I took away from my 28 days was:

  1. I am naturally programmed to think first about nutritious, whole foods as a snack or meal option because it was consistently top of mind with daily videos
  2. Cooking plants is EASY and FUN!  So many amazing recipes on the site and my fridge is beautiful and full of fresh produce!
  3. With the support from coaches and the 2 flex meal options a week (sometimes I didn’t use both), it’s a smooth transition to eating 80/20 plants!

Honestly, this was an awesome experience and FUN approach to learning about the benefits of plants, nutritious meal ideas and eating Whole Foods daily.  I feel lighter after eating, increased energy, my skin is glowing and my passion for cooking is backpastedGraphic.png 

Even though the program is complete, I commit to continuing eating mostly plants because it feels great and I know I’m making a difference for the planet.  It’s easy to do and is simply a shift in mindset to think first about filling your body with whole, fresh food before indulging in processed foods.

Thank you for the amazing team of coaches and providing a wealth of knowledge on how to eat clean with plants!  Definitely will be sharing with my friends and colleagues to sign uppastedGraphic.png


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